Why You Should Save Your marriage


Save Your marriage! So let me be clear here, it is NOT a pressure on anyone to save his or her marriages. I do think that marriages should be saved, but the decision is left for the couple to decide on whether or not to save their marriage. This post does not intend to pressure anyone to save their marriage. However, it was written to help people who want to save their marriages find it easy to do.

There are some people who simply believe that marriage is a contract or a bygone relic of past old days. People like this always tend to justify their behavior. They defend their wrong attitude and blame their shortcoming on the other person. Marriage has withstood the test of time as a way of :

  • Raising a family,
  • Finding intimacy
  • Growing and developing, and
  • Finding happiness and meaning.

Not every marriage makes it that far, but the potential is there and it all depends on the spouse.

Should every marriage be saved? No, Because, I am very optimistic that people in abusive relationships cannot save their marriage. It very lightly these days to discard a marriage and it seems to be that there are no consequences.

Yet study after study shows that children are negatively impacted by divorce. Earlier studies showing differently have been disproven.

The emotional toll on the couple is huge. In most cases, some people do recover, this is because of no time and effort was put in. That same time and effort would likely have yielded a happy marriage. Funny how that works out!

Divorce can be devastating. According to reports, the average cost of divorce in the United States is $20,000. That is the average. Saving your marriage is almost free! if not totally free.

The Reasons They Want A Divorce

Stop Divorce Dead In Its Tracks

Want to Get Your spouse Back?

Oh, and that doesn’t factor in the loss of equity in real estate, worth of retirement funds, loss of savings, child support, maintenance, and lots of other costs that people seem to lose sight of on the way out the door.

Can people be forced to save their marriages? No. Absolutely not! But I think MANY marriages that end up in divorce could be saved! Which is absolutely correct.

Again, it is the choice of the couple’s whether to work to save their marriage. I just know that when people are in pain, we become short-sighted and take what we think is the most direct approach to getting rid of the pain. Unfortunately, it often gets us to chase the wrong target.

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The instructions had been there all along, but in an instant, they made sense! I could suddenly do the magic trick!

Now, I am not suggesting that your marital problems are as simple as a magic trick, but I have been in the field long enough to know that the problems are more basic and simple to solve than most people wish to believe.

Your task is to quit playing the victim excuse, “I can’t do anything,” in your head, and find some new ways of thinking and some new tools to work on your marriage. I invite you to try this ebook as a way to to this. You can grab it by CLICKING HERE.

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