Website Visibility: Top 5 Ways to get your website noticed

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Top 5 Ways to get your website noticed

There are millions if not billions of websites parked on the Worldwide Web (www) which include your website. The chance that yours will be among the top-rated site is very rare, do you think your website performance as it is now will ever get noticed in Search Engine Result Page? Don’t worry, once you are able to apply this step by step description, the result will amaze you.

Here are the top five vital ways to get people clicking on your website


  1. Make sure your site is professionally designed with a dynamic look

No one likes to view a website that reminds them of a presentation report they carry out in school. Invest time in learning a good web design program (WordPress, HTML, Dreamweaver MX, PHP, Microsoft Frontpage, etc. are good picks), and let your creativity be display. Make sure it’s attractive and compelling, well-designed with a good-looking background, well-structured and organized. People are not interested in spending too much of their time to weed through haystacks of the website in order to get the information they want.

On that note, don’t load your website with unnecessary things that will slow down the speed of your site, this is because the average internet users only wait 10 seconds for a web page to load and off the page once is taking more time to come up. Make it a fast site. If you can put up some flash intros that will be great eye candy.

2. Insert your website URL on every search engine directories as well as on flyers.

Inserting your website URL on business cards, flyer and convincing your love once, family & friends to visit your website won’t increase your website visibility or increase the site traffic. Submitting it to search engine directories and bookmarking will make your website easier for people to find, provided that your topic, niche or the information on your website is what they’re looking for. Another vital thing about all the Search Engine Result Page and the way it works is that it looks like a spider that crawls your website and picks up keywords that would be indexed later in the search engine’s database. Therefore, make sure you make use of the right keywords that you think are relevant to what people are looking for most especially your audience. Web directories, like Yahoo!, are operated by humans who actually categorize the websites the way they want it.

If you don’t like submitting your website manually to numerous directories, consider subscribing to sites like, who will charge you and submit your website automatically to search engine directories for you.


3. Link your site everywhere

Look for other sites whose niche is similar to your niche or it may carry similar information/content as yours and link to it or ask to exchange links. Place your banners on other websites, and also allow others to place their banners on your site. Add your website URL on your e-mail signature, Join webrings because there’s nothing like strength in numbers.


4. Advertise your site offline.

The worldwide web isn’t enough to get your website, your business noticed. Write press releases and send them to local newspapers and magazines. Print out fliers and distribute them or place them in major areas where it can be easily seen. Note, before you engage in all this, it’s very vital that your website is already in good mode fully up and running to avoid giving people a bad impression. If they find out that the site is empty after you have to get them pumped up, only to get disappointed, they will never visit your site and will also discourage a friend from visiting.

5. Interact with your readers.

Include forums or comment box for your visitors to interact with each other. Chat rooms are often time-consuming for some, while comment box allows them to check back every so often for replies. Create an e-mail list so you can update your visitors once there are new developments, and always be open to feedback—that’s what will make your site even better. Also, be active in social media discussion, interact with friends and always make a good/informative contribution.

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