Website traffic: Top Three Freebies That Guarantees Constant Traffic

website traffic

How to increase your website traffic

Website traffic comes if your niche your visitor needs. That is, they are forwarded to your website if they (visitor) match your targeted demographics they are then forwarded (website traffic) to your site seamlessly. Your website will consistently receive new visitors (website traffic) if you can build large link campaigns and advertising. In this article, the campaign and advertising will be in the form of a giveaway.

In 1931, Dorothy Hustead & Ted decided to relocate to another town because it has four things that are meaningful to them. These four things are; a good school, a Catholic Church, Hospital with the available doctor and an opportunity. On getting there, they thought of opening their own pharmacy.

They made up their mind to open their own pharmacy.

They eventually chose Wall, South Dakota, as the perfect location suitable for them to operate in. To other persons, Wall seemed to be in the middle of somewhere between the Black Hills and the Badlands, (where business don’t thrive).

The first year was a tough one for them, it was a cloud of thick dust, intense heat, and strong winds all over.

In their desire to actualize their dream and move on to a more welcoming place, they came up with an idea. They made a signpost that read: ‘Free Ice Water At Wall Drugstore’.

The sign became something of a novelty. They made more sighs and put them farther from Wall – as far as other countries of the world.

All druggists, of course, made “free” ice water available for their customers. Nobody, however, had thought of advertising it.

As a result, about 4000 to 6000 customers a day stopped at Wall DrugStore.

According to Josh Billings, “Common Sense is instinct and enough of it is genius”.

“When it comes to attracting traffic to your website, almost everybody has ideas about it BUT it seems not every idea work!” Right? Of course yes!

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I have made up my mind ready to quit when I eventually found a blend of strategies that work. I discovered strategies top Internet marketers use to achieve tons of results and are still working and will continue to work. They have brand their names all over the Internet, make huge sales and achieve record-breaking within a short period of time with little or absolutely nothing spent.

It is all captured in the word FREE and truthfully, if you have nothing FREE working hard for you out there, it is time to get down to work and get up with one!

Three Giveaway Freebies That Guarantees Constant Website Traffic

I have outlined below three easy to implement freebies to start with right now.

  1. Give Out A Collection Of Free eBooks.

Google searches around the internet and gathered different free eBooks and compiled then and give it away free on your website in exchange for people doing something like signing up for your newsletter.

  1. Write Articles and Give It Away Free or Guest Post.

A friend of mine wrote 2 articles some year back and got seven hundred plus (700+) subscribers from it without doing anything after submitting the content to a few article submission sites. His list of subscribers is still growing today as a result of those giveaway, guest post articles. Note that this 700+ subscriber has to turn out to be regular website traffic.

  1. Make a Report of your Articles and Giveaway Reprint Rights To It

It sounds so stupid, but if you understand it and act smart, it can make you a success overnight.

Don’t forget, you must bury your other programs in the middle of your give away eBook and you will surprise by the dangerous results you’ll start getting. That is you will receive a tone of website traffic if you insert your products and services in your giveaway, it all comes back to you. (it is logic to increase your website traffic)


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