Want to Get Your spouse Back? – Three Things You Should Not Do

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There is always time to find information on the internet about how to get your spouse back, but finding what you should not be doing is very rare. There is always a lot of information on what you should be doing to Get Your spouse Back but very difficult to find what you should not be doing, you will lose sight of your ultimate goal which is to get your back if you only embark on what you should be doing. Therefore, in this article we are going to focus on Three Things You Should Not Do If You Want Your Spouse Back.

If you are trying to buy his or her affection with gifts, then you need to think carefully reasons is;  For instance, you are trying to get your wife back and you engage in buying her gifts without any commitment once she knows that you will continue to buy her the gift she wants without any commitment, she will get the impression that you will always around regardless of what she does.

You are sending a bad impression to your ex-spouse despite the fact that you can throw tons of cash away trying to please her by buying her gifts,

Instead of going too far buying him/her gifts just to win his/her affection, save yourself that time, money, and effort to focus your attention on other more effective ways to get your spouse back. Because time will come when you run out of things to buy for her or she gets bored with the particular once you use to buy and she will not appreciate it any longer.

If you’re the type who is trying to be a Nice-G then stop right now! I’m not saying that you should be treating your spouse harshly or unfairly, if you treat her/him badly, you will get the opposite from him or her as well. What I am trying to pass across is that you don’t need to go out of your way to please him/her. You need to show your spouse that you are a heck of a good man or woman to have around.

If you hold off doing things for him/her the role you played in the relationship will then be obvious and you all realize how important he/she is, and will start to make attempts to keep your spouse around. I consider this one of a man’s strongest leverage to getting his wife or ex-wife to do what he wants. Just like sexual intimacy is to leverage women’s use to get men to do what they want.

If you constantly want your spouse’s approval or permission before you can go ahead to do anything, then stop now! Listen, if your spouse left you, it either means he/she left you or he/she is telling you not to come back yet. That is the choice of your spouse, but now he/she will have to live with the consequences of you being able to do the things that you want to do on your own.

Whether it is going out the bars with your buddies, or maybe finding another nice guy or girl to chum a round loaf, then she will have to live with it. This is a good one for a lady who feels she has lost her control in the relationship and will have to decide if she wants to get it back.

These are just a few of the things for anyone who wants to get their ‘ex’ back must not do if he is to have any hope of getting him/ her back. Remember you must have a good balance of focus on what you should be doing and what you should not be doing, to get your spouse back.


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