Waiting and Trusting: WHAT DO YOU DO WHILE WAITING?


‘This waiting thing is such a mammoth task!’ my dear friend blurted out! Alero and I were conversing over lunch at a fast food outlet downtown. Having enjoyed the tête-à-tête for a while, she seemed to get to a point of expressing exactly how she felt about this topic of waiting: ‘common, this waiting thing is not as easy as they say!’ Yes, indeed it is not a child’s play I must say, however it is not an impossible undertaking.

Waiting and Trusting

I love the fact that as children of God we have grace available to us to go through this process of waiting. The most trying part about waiting is that you do not know how long you are going to have to wait; rest-assured ‘your salvation is closer than when you started believing’. There is a knowing you have that the waiting time will expire ‘soon’.


Being a single lady in her late forties I must say, has stirred up several virtues (more than vices) in me particularly two I’d love to share with you now: explicit trust in the Lord and the ability to withstand some measure of unfriendliness from a community you expect some measure of support from. I have become quite tough-skinned towards daunting, discouraging, and cutting remarks from the most unexpected and also expected sources.

Waiting And Shining

It apparently feels like a stigma in some society to be an unmarried mature woman. What do you do when most people feel you are ‘odd’? Girl, the answer is shine! The natural thing to do is to withdraw into your shell; that’s definitely not what God wants for you. You are a Jewel of inestimable value. There are great virtues God has placed on the inside of you that He requires you to flaunt.


I hope some woman gets encouraged while reading through this post. Never think you are anything less than a woman for being in your unmarried state at your age, whatever it may be. Like I have heard time and again, marriage is not a destination but a process. Getting married will not be the end of your life; there is so much more to life girl, marriage being a part of life actually but not all there is to life.


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Be your best while waiting; try to be the ideal or as close to the ‘ideal-as-possible’ image of Miss Right to your expected Mr. Right. When he eventually comes, another phase of your life begins. Don’t put your life on hold; get busy making a great woman of yourself. Enjoy your life as a single woman: great freedom girl!

It is definitely a wonderful desire to want to get married someday to your Mr. Right. The question is: do you just stay there waiting for some guy to pick you up as his wife or do you get going with your life until the right man finds you? The latter appears obvious! Girl, get a life and somewhere, someday he will find you and trust me you will be so glad that you did get a life and he’d be extremely proud of you.
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How do you get a life as a single lady?
1. Invest in great and constructive friendships
2. Improve yourself as much as you can
3. Be a confident woman
4. Deal with any character flaws you may have
5. Serve the Lord
6. Learn a new skill
7. Make yourself visible

Please watch out for my next post as I write in more detail on getting a life as a Single Lady.


God has not forgotten you girl! He has a plan; as you hang in there on His shoulders, He’ll make something extremely beautiful out of every shame or reproach your life may have displayed up until now. He will give you beauty for ashes.Save Your Marriage

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