Top 7 Social Media Auto Publish WordPress Plugin 2020

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Here are powerful Social Media Auto Publish a WordPress Plugin That will Save your time!

With the help of Social Media Auto Publish WordPress Plugin, you can now share your blog post or website content to social media handle daily. It’s a big issue to many bloggers and website owners, as it takes a lot of time to craft your blog content and sharing it on social media manually takes another lot of time. And you must continue sharing it or pushing it to where your audience is. If you don’t consistently share your blog post to social media networks, it will affect your search engine optimization, your traffic as well as your earning potential. With this Top 7 Social Media Auto Publish WordPress Plugin you can bypass sharing your blog post yourself.

Here is the seven best Social Media Auto Publish a WordPress Plugin that helps you automatically post to the social networks. With the help of these plugins, you can have more time to focus on creating your website content or blog post and stop worrying about how to push them to your target audience since all sharing will be done automatically.

Why Automatically Share WordPress Posts on Social Media Channel?

According to smartinsight, the number of internet users worldwide in 2019 is 4.388 billion, up 9.1% year-on-year. The number of social media users worldwide in 2019 is 3.484 billion, up 9% year-on-year. The number of mobile phone users in 2019 is 5.112 billion, up 2% year-on-year.

Social media touts more than three billion users. This is an enormous user base and this channel offers a ripe opportunity for businesses to distribute their content. It’s an effective way to boost your website traffic and increase your sales which bring more $$$ to your bank.

Social network channels work best when you regularly update your profile/account by sharing content on a regular cadence. By so doing, you can build a loyal following who looks forward to your posts. Using any of this Social Media Auto Publish WordPress Plugin will automatically sharing WordPress posts on your social media channel, in turn, make your social profile remains active, and you can engage your followers with fresh content regularly from your website.

Let’s take a quick look into the features of this plugin in detail

  1. Social Media Auto Publish

Among the top seven varieties of options, we will be looking at, Social Media Auto Publish has been considered as one of the most reliable plugins with which you can publish your website or blog posts automatically to social media channels.

This awesome plugin has some competent features and it is outlined below.


  • It supports Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Clarify content to be published by categories/ custom post types
  • The separate message format for each social media platform
  • Control WordPress pages to be published
  • Include multiple posting options.


  • Easy to use
  • Clean admin forms
  • Simple yet effective options.


  1. Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler

This plugin has more than 40.000 installations and more than hundreds5-star rating, this will make one conclude that Blog2social is the most popular social media auto publish plugin so far. The plugin features make it possible to schedule and auto-post blog posts to social media. You won’t have to spend time sharing them manually anymore thereby bringing about time-saving.


  • Support 14 different networks
  • Allow you to modify posts with hashtags, images, comments, emoji’s, etc.
  • Able to reposted all old post
  • Save draft for social media posts
  • Manage all posts using a single place
  • Up to 6 languages are available.



  • Sent post with auto-generated tags
  • Easy to use with ease to customize each post and a real time-saver.
  1. WP2Social Auto Publish

This Social Media Auto Publish WordPress Plugin is suitable if you just want to share your blogpost content on Facebook, WP2Social Auto Publish WordPress Plugin is all you need. This Social Media Auto Publish WordPress Plugin provides a variety of mechanisms of posting and different filters for posts to be published.


Different mechanisms to post e.g as a text message with image, etc.

Filter content based on custom post types or categories

Supported various Posting elements like; title, description, date, etc.


Easy to use, Time saver and awesome support.


  1. WP Twitter Auto Publish

WP Twitter is another Social Media Auto Publish WordPress Plugin. Its function is the same as WP2Social Auto Publish but for Twitter. If twitter social network is your favorite posts sharing channel, then WP Twitter is the right plugin for you.


Automatically publish posts by filters provided

Supported mechanisms including text message with a picture and simple text message

Various post elements supported.


Easy to use with excellent documentation

Great support and instant publish.

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  1. Nelio Content – Social Media Auto Publish a WordPress Plugin

Nelio Content – Social Media Auto Publish a WordPress Plugin bring ease to your search for ways to drive more traffic to your site. The plugin comes with a feature that helps you auto-publish as well as the ability to create, schedule and automatically promote your blog posts to different social channels.


  • Get an overview of all social publications from one calendar
  • Drag-and-drop to create and schedule posts
  • Integrate with Google Analytics and social media account
  • Ability to analyze and make recommendations for creating content
  • Multi-user supported.


  • It is easy to use, Fast with efficient support
  • Able to view top-performing content at a glance.


  1. WordPress to Buffer – Social Media Auto Publish WordPress Plugin

WordPress to Buffer WP plugin lets you interact with social media easily by helping you to post your blog content automatically, though you will need a Buffer account before you can use this plugin. The plugin supports publishing posts, pages and custom post types to various popular social media channels.



  • Facebook/ Twitter/ LinkedIn supported
  • Publish WordPress posts to selected social media profiles
  • No secret data included.


  • Simple to use
  • Minimal configuration
  • Well designed upfront.


  1. Social Web Suite – Social Media Auto Publish a WordPress Plugin

The last Social Media Auto Publish WordPress Plugin on our list is the Social Web Suite. This plugin makes it very easier to share your post on three popular Social media channels. The plugin configuration enables you to schedule and publishes your posts on multiple social media platforms with ease.


  • Automatically publish posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Schedules post base on specific categories
  • Customizes messages separately for each social account
  • Integrate with analytics
  • Option to re-share old posts
  • View all social messages with one calendar.


  • Fast and friendly support with a lot of options for fine-tuning.

So, from the above listed Social Media Auto Publish WordPress Plugin, I believe that you would find the one suitable for you. Please share this collection with your friends as it will help them to easily share their posts once they install any of the plugins.


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