Search Engine Marketing: Top 3 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid

This article provides examples of the top three common search engine marketing mistakes site owners commonly make. This is what you can as well call three deadly search engine marketing, website design, content writer, SEO

This article provides examples of the top three common search engine marketing mistakes site owners commonly make. This is what you can as well call three deadly search engine marketing sins.

Inadequate Keyword Research

Hey! Fortunately for you, if you’re reading this because spending hours fusing over the design of your web is not enough. It is also good to invest some time to research and focus on the most traffic-laden keywords.

Especially if the plural form of your keyword phrase generates more traffic than the singular form. E.g. “dog dishes” rather than “dog dish”.

Note, you’ll never know what works unless you carry out research.

 To get the most out, here are quick and better keys to note.

Use Google to search for your target keyword

Go to top ranking sites. Right-click on the web page and use “View Source” to use Internet Explorer to check out the keyword meta tag of each of the sites. You’ll see lots of keywords there. Do this with each of the top rank sites until you find your niche’s keywords. At this point, you will see a list of your likely keyword phrases or long-tail keywords.


Enhance your list further using different tools like

You will get more keyword ideas from Google search and Overture.

You can now move on to Wordtracker.

Once you’ve finished compiling your Word tracker results, simply sort it out by KEI and searches result per day.

Check the one that gives you the strongest keywords with the most searches. Although, KEI usually assumes all search engine listings have equal value. That is why I will always say it is “quick and dirty”. However, if you want another approach other than KEI, you can make use of Google to search for on.

Anyway, once you’re sorted your keywords in some way to highlight the most profitable, simply take the top 25 on the list and create content for those first. No, not everyone will be a natural-born traffic magnet. But enough of them will be to get the ball rolling.

Site Bloat

To avoid losing your site visitors reduce the size of your images or install plugins that automatically compress your images or huge graphics. You can contact us if you want to improve your website SEO including your site page speed. Imagine a site had a graphic 501K in size, just a single graphics! Also, imagine if it took nearly two (2) minutes to load up a 56K graphic how many minutes will it take to load 501kb graphic? You can see reasons why you constantly lose traffic; no visitor will wait for any webpage to load for 8 minutes before they move on to something else.

Also, ignore the excessive use of Flash banner if you are to use it at all – unless you have a genuine reason for using it. If not ignore Flash banner.

If you’re wondering how your site’s download time measures up to test it here:

It won’t cost you anything to find out. But a slow loading website can cost you greatly. Because as the Net Mechanics follow up reports say, web page loading times should be under about 12 seconds on a 28.8 modem and it’s a good idea to keep your site load time below 12 seconds. Otherwise, you will be losing your visitors by using the back button trying to move on to soothing else.

===> Too Few Links

80% of your success with Google can be linked to the number of inbound and outbound links on your web page. You may complain about how much work it takes you to get them done but anything worth doing is worth doing well.

The truth is you actually have to do some work to get links because links don’t just come but come as a result of your hard work. Both link-worthy content or the one you actively seek out on a regular basis.

It’s noted that most niches require a healthy collection of links so that it can be competitive. But if you’re lucky to be in a niche that isn’t too competitive and you have links, you can easily be on top in terms of rankings.

In a nutshell, it is easy to avoid these three search engine mistakes if you do your keyword homework very well. Keep your pages healthy. And always link up with as many other quality sites as you can.

Do all that you know well on your way to search engine success. Don’t leave your site to be perpetually stuck in Google purgatory because of this search engine marketing mistake. Let our SEO expert help you out with your search engine marketing so you’re free to get on with what you do best.

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