Olive Marie Osmond Educational Background – More Than Just the Nutrisystem Lady

Olive Marie Osmond

Olive Marie Osmond was born on the 13th, October 1959. She is an American singer, actress, author, philanthropist, talk show host, and a member of the show business family. Marie’s family sang in a group but she is not part of her family’s singing group. She is a solo country music artist in the 1970s and 1980s and there is where she gained her success.

“Paper Roses” is her best-known song and is the country’s remarkable pop ballad. Between 1976 and 1979, she and her singer brother Donny Osmond co-hosted a television variety show titled Donny & Marie. By September 9, 2019, a new host of The Talk was added – Osmond premiered.

Olive Marie Osmond was born in Ogden, Utah, she is the eighth child from a family of nine children (and she is the only daughter) born to Olive May (née Davis; 1925–2004) and George Virl Osmond (1917–2007). Marie was raised as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Her brothers are Virl, Tom, Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, Donny, and Jimmy Osmond. Since childhood, her brothers maintained a career in singing, performing on national television, and show business.

Marie is the only family member not involved in the music business, though she has two oldest brothers who are deaf (they are not involved too). Following the success of Osmund’s in 1970, Donny becomes successful as a solo artist on the popular music charts and he became a teen idol.

Marie was persuaded by the Osmond’s’ mother to record an album, and she signed with the family’s label, MGM/Kolob Records, and began making concert appearances with her brothers.

Her style of music was more directed towards country music, which was in contrast with her brothers, who engaged in performing contemporary pop music.


In 1973, Olive Marie Osmond released her first single solo artist titled Paper Roses. The recording achieved crossover success – became the #1 country hit, reached Top 5 on the Billboard magazine pop chart.

Both the song and the album of the same name earned a gold record. Along the line, she released another single, titled “In My Little Corner of the World”, with an album having the same title in 1974, both the song and the album entered the Billboard country Top 40 in 1974.

‘Who’s Sorry Now’ is the title song on her next album, it was released in 1975. It went to #40. Besides, in 1974, Osmond featured Donny in two pop music titled ‘I’m Leaving It All Up to You’ and ‘Morning Side of the Mountain’. The former song is among the Top 20 country hit, with both songs reaching the Top 10 of the pop charts.

‘This Is the Way That I Feel’ was released in 1977, and it became Osmond 4th studio album. This was far more different from the once she earlier release as she went in more of a pop direction. Some of the albums included songs written for her and songs that were written by the Bee Gees. Two singles were the only ones released from the album.


Osmond released a single in 1984, on RCA Records titled ‘Who’s Counting’. The single peaked at #82 on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles. It receives a huge amount of airplay within few weeks.

Olive Marie Osmond returns to country music as a solo artist by signing a joint agreement with Capitol Records and Curb Records, as a result, she and Mike Curb who was the major factor in the family’s success in the early 1970s were reunited.

In 1986, Osmond hit #1 again with a song titled ‘You’re Still New to Me’ duet with Paul Davis. The second single release was the title ‘I Only Wanted You’, which was among the top 20. There are other two additional singles, ‘Everybody’s Crazy about My Baby’ and ‘Cry Just a Little’, was unsuccessful.

Osmond Failed Albums

In 1988, Olive Marie Osmond released two albums that both failed to garner any success on the Billboard charts this was due to the changing styles of country music – Neotraditionalism was coming to the forefront at the expense of country-pop acts such as the Osmund’s.

In 1991, there were further changes in the country music industry which effectively end her recording artist career. Step-in’ Stone becomes her last country album of the 1980s.

In 1977 Marie was partnering with Kmart to sell a skincare product and a personalized fragrance and her target was young female fans. Her skincare line includes a cleanser, rinse, and moisturizer, and the fragrance was advertised as healthy but delicate.

marie osmond

Marie and her brother Donny did several commercial spots from 1978–1982, for Hawaiian Punch as advertising spokespeople.

Super Bowl Osmond with her brother Donny appeared in a commercial for Pepsi in 2003. The Pepsi Twist advertisement was a comic of Ozzy Osbourne’s son and daughter turning into the famous Osmond siblings during a dream.

Osmond is promoting the Nutrisystem brand of weight loss meals since 2013 as part of the Slimsational Stars.

Osmond also promotes a line of emergency food storage solutions for Wise Foods. She became the company spokesperson in September 2013 using her likeness on the company website and TV commercials. As of 2016, the company no longer makes reference to her on its website.

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In 2015–16, Marie with her husband was promoting a product for home workout from Body Gym and they appeared on QVC on several occasions.

In January 2018 Marie became the strategic advisor and owner of MD Complete, a line of skincare regimens available online and in national retail big box stores.

Olive Marie Osmond got engaged to Jeff Crayton in May 1979. Jeff is an acting student, funny enough the engagement was canceled in July of that same year. In January 2019 during a live program – an episode of Watch she told host Andy Cohen that she briefly dated Erik Estrada. She also dated the singer Andy Gibb during that same period.

Olive Marie Osmond

In 1979 Osmond was named one of the Ladies Home Journal Women of the Year. The award was presented at the Ladies Home Journal Building in New York City.

Osmond first married on June 26, 1982, to Stephen Lyle Craig, a Brigham Young University basketball player. They have only one child, Stephen James Craig, born on April 20, 1983. They divorced in October 1985.

On October 28, 1986, Olive Marie Osmond tie the knot again but this time, she married Brian Blosil at the Jordan River Temple in Utah. They both had two kids, Rachael Lauren (August 19, 1989) and Matthew Richard (July 6, 1998). They also adopted five children namely:

  • Jessica Marie (adopted Dec 17, 1987)
  • Michael Bryan (adopted May 4, 1991 – February 26, 2010)
  • Brandon Warren (adopted Nov 1996)
  • Brianna Patricia (Nov 19, 1997)
  • Abigail Olive May (Sep 5, 2002)

Olive marie o

On March 30, 2007, the marriage becomes something else and they announced that they were divorcing. They both released a joint statement stating that they unanimously agreed no one is at fault for the divorce.

Osmond remarried her first husband, Stephen Craig on May 4, 2011, they had a small ceremony which was held in the Las Vegas Nevada Temple and she wore her dress from the 1982 wedding.

In 1999, Osmond announce that she is suffering from postpartum depression. She co-authored a book called Behind the Smile with Marcia Wilkie and Dr. Judith Moore where she explains her experiences with the illness.

Several U.S. tabloids in August 2006, suggested that she had attempted to commit suicide. But, her publicity team denied all the reports and claimed she is taking medication with an adverse reaction to her treatment.

Osmond announces on April 29, 2009, that one of her oldest daughter, Jessica, was gay and had been living with her partner in Los Angeles. She thereafter solicited support for her daughter and same-sex marriage rights.

In 2013 Osmond’s fault that civil rights should be for all people. Osmond announced via her Instagram page on June 7, 2019, that Jessica married her partner Sara in a civil ceremony and she quoted “I could not love the two of you more!”

The Nevada Ballet Theatre on January 23, 2010, honored her as its 2010 “Woman of the Year” during the theater’s annual B&W gala.

Olive marie

On February 26, 2010, Osmond’s experience an awful moment as their son Michael committed suicide by jumping from his eighth-floor apartment building in Los Angeles. Some reports had it that he had been battling with depression and addiction at the age of 12 and had been in rehabilitation. When an autopsy was carried out, they found no drugs in his blood system.

Osmond is a fan of the Kilmarnock Football Club in Ayrshire, Scotland. The club adopted the Fred Spiel man and Janice Torre penned the song “Paper Roses” as their club anthem.

In June 2016 she accepted and became an honorary member of the Kilmarnock Rotary after signing an autograph for the players and fans. According to her, she stated that she isn’t interested in politics” and does not want to endorse any Presidential candidate. In 2007, during Larry King Live she jokingly suggested that as an African American female Mormon, her ideal candidate would be Gladys Knight.

In February 2016, Osmond and her brother, Donny was distinguished at the Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas. The figures are dressed in costumes and they donated from their Las Vegas show.

On October 4, 2019, the Las Vegas Walk of Stars honored Marie, along with her brother Donny and they received a star on the famous Las Vegas strip. Every October 4 is now a day in Las Vegas officially known as Donny & Marie.

olive O M

In March 2020 she announces that her fortune will be left to the charity upon her death adding that it would be a disservice to her children to leave the money to them as they can make their own money.

In Summary

Olive Marie Osmond was born to Olive May Davis and George Virl Osmond in Ogden, Utah, on Oct. 13, 1959 — the eighth of nine children and the only girl. The devout Mormon family had already carved out careers for her siblings via the musical group the Osmond Brothers, originally made up of Alan Osmond, Wayne Osmond, Merrill Osmond, and Jay Osmond. Marie is seen here with her family circa 1966.

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