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Mission and Vision Statement

Your mission and vision statement is your hope for the future of your business. It is an inspiring, futuristic thought that’s memorable in its simplicity. You wouldn’t guess it by reading most businesses’ mission vision statements – including those in your business niche – as they have a tendency to get overly wordy. But the mission vision statements are supposed to be short. As in, one-sentence short.

About Us

XYZ (company name) is a start-up firm that looked like a property management company but we focus on different healthcare ventures including, providing staff for employment, bookkeeping (e.g. physician office or any health business), referral placement service of residents into room and board or assistant living homes.

XYZ has located in ABC Based Businesses, Michigan, is a partnership of three people who are from different backgrounds. We found our partnership on the basis of: ‘relationships, trusting and integrity’. One of us is a Registered Nurse; another one is a real estate broker with a residential builder license and the last person is a Community Housing Executive.

We want to be more than a property management company, facility acquisition or a staffing company; we want to be a pipeline of skilled talent and satisfying career opportunities. We want to enrich lives, help businesses, property owners, physicians, persons who have investment properties, investors to thrive and spur community growth. When someone needs a job, we want to provide it. When someone needs a healthcare service, we want to provide it. When someone needs a living home assistant, we want to provide it. And, when an employer needs staff, we want to deliver the perfect candidate.

Our focus is to provide a service that will both manage the property and manage the business as well.

Why Work With Us

XYZ will give your businesses, communities a clear advantage in their crave for the right candidate, help people with talent in their career pursuits by connecting them with a suitable agency; we know the firms in our city and we can connect you directly to them. We help to set up an assistant living space, adult foster home. We will also work with community resources to help provides living assistant for Adult Foster Care (AFC) home to receive the best care experience. We provide training to facilities like Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and first aid training. We also provide referral placement service of residents into room and board or assistant living homes.  You won’t find another property management company that’s more invested in individual, businesses and community goals and determined to see them succeed. Our team will work diligently on your behalf to deliver outstanding service and results, whatever the need.


Our Mission is to create exceptional value for people, businesses and communities to thrive through our team of partnership and operating professionals to provide the talent and opportunities that fuel stronger organizations and richer communities.

  • We are working collaboratively with people including physicians, persons who have investment properties (we would set up an assistant living space, adult foster home).
  • We will also work with communities to help provide assistant living home where patients can receive the best care experience.
  • We will provide training to facilities CPR and first aid training.
  • We will invest resources and provide stewardship as we create long-term sustainable growth, thereby producing superb, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.


Our vision is to empower individuals, strengthen communities through great opportunities that lead to fuller lives.


XYZ objective include soliciting people e.g physicians; soliciting with people who have investment properties; Partnering with community to help homecare receive the best care experience; investing in properties, products, services, and emerging technologies; Provide training to facilities e.g CPR, first aid training; partnering with other health care organizations in new ventures.


  • Providing staff for employment
  • Bookkeeping (e.g. physician office or any health business)
  • Referral placement service of residents into room and board or assistant living homes
  • Property management of a business (staffing, bookkeeping, cleaning, etc.) and
  • Facility acquisition
  • Property management for different healthcare ventures (Health-Related Products & Services)


In pursuing our mission vision statement, XYZ is guided by four core values:


  • Provide exceptional service and quality.
  • Meet challenges with a positive mindset.
  • Make each session fun and full of smiles.


  • Respect all people and honor each individual.
  • Be patient and kind.
  • Honestly speak kindly about ourselves and others so as to lift each other up.


  • One of Trinity Medical Managing Group’s core values is Respect.
  • Financial responsibility is one key to personal freedom and a greater quality of life.
  • Operate our business to strengthen our commitment to family and community.


  • Trinity Medical Managing Group will be committed to doing what is right for its own reward.
  • Will not compromise ethics, morals, or standards for the sake of profit.
  • Support the development of others through consistent and predictable words and actions.
  • Act Responsibly.


We will be committed to our mission and vision, to the success of our company, acknowledge a mistake and solve it immediately, to the pursuit of excellence, to the growth of our employees, set expectations and then strive to surpass them, be proactive when we see an opportunity to help patient, community, businesses, and investors.

Clients are why we are here; their perception is our reality… Therefore, we will do what is in their best interests and treat them with the utmost priority.

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