How to start a small business and grow it to mega enterprise

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Grow Your Small Business Easily

Are you looking to start a small business or you are operating a small business already? Is your business a startup business of any kind? Or an existing one whether it is a home base business or not, an online presence is very essential. The majority of an internet user is mainly from English speaking countries and their population is increasing due to the high levels of internet connectivity and advanced technologies in that category.

Small business or big enterprises cannot grow much without an online presence in this present-day entrepreneur world. The benefit of an online presence cannot be overemphasized. According to research data about online connectivity in the US, it reveals that 70 % of US households utilize internet connectivity. This helps us to understand the importance of online presence for small businesses especially start-up and small enterprises.

The worldwide online population was 801 million worldwide since 2004, imagine what the number has become in this past 16 years.

The U.S. alone accounts for about 200 million and 36% of these users are from English speaking communities.

European languages were the next major group with 38 % and Chinese is the major single language next to English accounting for 14%.

The majority of the present-day household have internet users and younger men and women are generally the major users. As a result, the online presence of any start-up/small business or existing business is a key factor to consider if you desired success and experience fast business growth. An online presence will make your small business known to a large group of people and is the easiest way to promote products and services in this present-day world most especially people who sat in their comfort homes but connected to trending things and can afford to order your product willingly. Start a small business today and grow it to a mega enterprise with the help of the internet.

If you start a small business now and start promoting it on social media, you all see how fast your small business will grow in 12 months’ time.

Start a small business: Things you need to gain a full online presence

  • A website
  • Brand logo
  • Social media handle
  • And off course, your smartphone devices with which you can post about your products and services

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What an opportunity for the small business owner or startup to make their products be known to people through an online presence. This is a cool way to advertise without spending a dime!

The success of a startup or small business undoubtedly linked to how well you make use of online presence.

Below are the top three vital tools for Starting and Maintaining a Small Business

We have other factors to be considered as well when starting a small business but these listed three factors are the most important and will drive any business to success whether a small business or startup or existing businesses. They are viz:

1) Acquiring start-up capital

2) Finding customers

3) Accountability i.e budgeting and controlling sales and expenses

As you plan to start a small business today,  the resources outlined below will help you achieve your goals.

Acquiring Start-Up Capital

Securing adequate funds is vital for any start-up business. Without sufficient start-up capital, profitable businesses will fail because there won’t be enough cash to run the day to day operation including paying their employees and purchasing more goods from their suppliers. You can imagine what do we mean by an adequate supply of capital? The best way to understand what it means is to carry out research on your potential market and document in a business plan format. At this point, I’m sure you know that a well-written business plan is very important and will convince a banker to lend you money that can aid a sufficient fund.

There are two major ways in which you can obtain a business plan.

  • Do it yourself by editing a business plan template, or
  • Hire a professional business plan writer to prepare it for you. Check HERE

Obtain one will be a great deal and more beneficial.

From our research, we discovered a website that has enough and free business plan with high-quality templates. We also found a freelance website where you can pay just $5 depending on your business plan. It’s  You can use this directory to easily find professional business plan writers irrespective of your location and get your job done professionally and they will deliver you work on time through your inbox.

Finding Customers

Finding customers is as difficult as anything else. It’s an expensive task for business owners such as engineers, plumbers, accountants. We believe that business owners should adopt a cost-effective marketing strategy like giving out their personal contacts, and business cards.

There are a lot of websites with pre-designed business plan templates, the quality and diversity of these designs are outstanding and you can simply edit and print with minimal cost.

Budgeting, Accounting, and Controlling Revenue As Well As Expenses

Accurate and sound accounting is vital for small or startup business. It’s very important that you have access to information timely because a lack of information could make or break your business. You should position yourself to know when stocks are bear or bull you need to always get accurate information and get it on time. You need to know the proportion of your debtors that have not paid and when they agree to pay and follow it up. If these are not attended to on time and quickly, there will be an instance when you will not have enough money to pay for goods and services most especially if you have an employee.

From our research, we find out that there is a website that has reviews top accounting software to know their exact prize. The cost of the cheapest software in the US is around $89.99 and the most expensive software cost about $1,499 as of when this research was carried out.

Hopefully, I believe with all this explanation, you have gathered some ideas and what it will cost you to buy software required to grow and maintain your small business, startup business or existing business.


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