How to Effectively Use LinkedIn to Market Your business

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How to Use LinkedIn and Bring a Great Change in Your Business

LinkedIn is a social networking site that is helpful for business growth. This platform offer agency and even freelancers more than enough clients to work with every day, business owners flock on LinkedIn to look for service providers that could solve their problems. They want you! They are ready to spend money if you guarantee them profits.

LinkedIn helps to connect people of high class, business mogul to each other and whenever you connect there is a potential of meeting your ideal clients that are already waiting for your offer. Through these contacts of your business deals are guaranteed as well as a business offers and similarly gain customers through it.

LinkedIn is all about connecting with the right persons or companies and once you make the right connections on LinkedIn, you have a perfect opportunity to lift your business or present your services to your connection if you’re a service provider. Through these connections, you can position yourself or business upfront. These connections are important as they promote your business enormously.

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Another benefit of marketing your business on LinkedIn is that if someone searches your company’s name on Google search engine, your LinkedIn business profile will show as well. You can generate many leads through Google search and LinkedIn too. Most businesses prefer to use LinkedIn to check individual or business profiles, so to make the best use of this, make your company’s profile interesting to attract the people to search for your related services.

How then can you/your Business get noticed on LinkedIn?

Crafting a good looking profile is a topic I have cover in one of my posts but I will emphasize it again a bit. This works for all freelancing platforms and Facebook. More than 75% of freelancers are getting it wrong on LinkedIn, including other freelance platforms.

It is very common to see the finest resume writer, Professional web developer, Experience SEO content writer, Number one graphic designer, and the likes.

The fact that many people are doing it doesn’t mean it is right. Nah!

Let me give you an insight (secret), and it will help you to grow your business and personal services.

The secret is to have a unique system. Create something unique to you alone. Potential clients will high you if you have a new offer. That’s why some people are running from many niches like diets and gym because they have tried and tried, so they need something unique.

They have hired a graphic designer who does not know the color combination.  They have hired an SEO content writer who doesn’t understand SEO. They have hired resume writers and mess things up.

Why would they hire you if your selling point is still SEO expect, experienced graphic designer or best resume writer?

Therefore, devise a unique system. Now, carefully read the following.

One surest way and the only secret to be successful in LinkedIn is by creating your intellectual property. This is your secret source. You may be wondering and ask how is this possible? Let’s dive in more.

How to create your own intellectual property

Creating LinkedIn intellectual property simply means creating a visual or verbal representation of what you do and how it’s different from the others or how your product and services better than your competitors.

Give your intellectual property a ‘Name’.

The easiest way to stand out from your competitors and have a high-value offer is to create something that no one has ever created. You can do this by simply giving your milestone process and unique name.

It can be a coined word or an acronym or just a simple name.

Define the outcome; define 3-4 micro win milestone steps in that process (think of these like mandator pit stops on the journey you will take a client through).

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