How To Deal with Loss of a Loved One- When the grief visit

How To Deal with Loss of a Loved One

Dealing with Loss of a Loved One – It is the most common of human experiences. 

When it comes to the loss of a loved one, most especially those very dear to you, everyone grieves differently and no one can fully understand all aspects of an individual in pain. We do have to find a place for our sorrow. It should not stay at the front of our thoughts so as not to start defining us. It will direct all of our actions and eventually it will consume us. When the time feels right, do not get rid of the sorrow. Let it be in a special place in your heart so that you can always remember the good times, the love, and your appreciation you for them and the life they lived.

Celebrate the lives that you’ve lost and don’t focus on their death. Cherish the memories and keep their legacies burning. They’re never gone truly because they are always here with us in spirit. Appreciate the opportunity you have spent with them and all you were able to learn from and experience life with them. You cannot dodge the “anger” or “confused” stage of losing a loved one a week, month, or even year.  So, give yourself time to heal! You’re allowed to take some time as you heal. The decision is entirely up to you. Response from an individual on the loss of a loved one always varies, people responses from a different point of view and give advice on how to deal with the grieving process.


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  1. Embrace the tears. Tears are never the opposite of happiness. It’s a beautiful sadness when the feeling is a mixture of great appreciation and extreme longing for the loved one who has passed on. It takes a while for anyone to adjust to his/her normal lifestyle, such as the sudden disappearance of a major pillar in our lives.
  2. Cherish the memories of your loved one. There could be a time when you couldn’t focus on anything other than the sight of loved ones you are missing. In such a case, closed your eyes and begin to remember the lovely moment you have shared together, the things interest both of you and hearing him/her laughing at his mistake.

Don’t be so wrapped up in the idea of his/her death that I that you cannot give yourself a chance to celebrate his good deed. Cherish the lovely memories you both had during his/her time in the world and don’t fill up your mind with every facet of his death.

Don’t be selfish to overlook the full years of his life and push all of those wonderful memories away.

  1. Remember what you learn from your loved one. This will help you ease the grieving process by remembering what your loved one actually meant to you when he was alive or why you are together, what he/she taught you and how much he/she cares about your well-being. As you thought about this, time will take care of the rest. One day you will just remember his good years and be grateful. Talk about him. Even talk as if you are talking to him.

Expressed your emotions in words and let them be released. Don’t try to stop yourself from sharing tears if you feel one coming on. Don’t worry if listening to particular music or doing certain things is painful because it brings back memories of your lost. It’s natural to have a feeling. It will become less painful after a while. Know that you will feel better over time.

Talk about it when you can. Some people find help in telling others about their story or talk about their feelings. Thou, sometimes some person doesn’t feel like talking about a loss, there is no problem with it too, don’t be pressured to do anything.

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find ways to express your emotions and thoughts If you don’t feel like talking. You can start jotting it or writing a journal about the memories you have of the person you lost and how you’re feeling about the loss. It can be a song, poem, or tribute about him/her. You can do this privately or share it with others.

  1. Keeping memories is very difficult to do. You have to let the loss go over time and ley holds the memories of the time you spent together. Though their loss will make you feel sad, the memories of the times you spent together will certainly make you happy. Share those memories with people that are dear to you, maybe your kids or relative that in itself will bring you happiness too. You will find it, it just a question of time.
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  1. Accept the pain. Accept the pain and give yourself time to heal both mentally, physically, and try to understand you need time. You can be angry and hurt, it’s ok. Give yourself time to deal with, time is a vital key and tries to validate your feelings. Many people try to feel okay so nobody notices their pain. That is not supposed to be, it’s a drags on the pain. face it and deal with it and then you can move on. Focus on all of the happy moments you had with your loved one. Celebrate his life after you mourn his/her death.

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  1. Grow from the Pain. The courageous experience of our sense of grief will bring us enormous powerful growth experience, although we wouldn’t wish it on anyone else. Kahlil Gibran wrote, “Pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding” and If you thought of it, you will know that it’s truth. I thought of a better word other than “happy” for a truly centered and healthy person is “joyful”.
  2. Focus on the good things. Accept the loss of your loved ones and know that it’s the best time for you to focus on things good in your life no matter how small. Focusing on the things you can change will put you in a better state of mind.

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