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Hire Me Every Month
Do you need a regular copywriter?

If hiring me now and again isn’t just enough to keep your business on track and improve your communications ticking, you can hire for me for a set number of days per

 month (also known as a monthly retainer agreement).

Who will this help?

This service is great for organisations that need a regular copywriter. We do have some busy weeks, so the only way to guarantee w’ll have time to work on your project is by securing a monthly retainer with us.

This way, you’ll never worry about whether we agree to work on your project, since you’ve already booked out our time.

You just send over the work, and w’ll get it done.


How does it work?

This agreement is the closest you’ll get to having an ghoswriters copywriter, without actually having to employ one.

First, we’ll agree on the brief and the amount of time you’d like with us each month. Then, w’ll get to work!

As a retainer client, I’ll prioritize your work and deadlines, and you don’t have to pay any rush fees.

There’s a limit to how many retainer agreements I can offer each month, so if it’s something you’re interested in, get in touch as soon as possible.

Please note: payment for this service is made in advance every month.


What can we help with?

You might need me to write regular emails or blog posts, or edit letters and reports you have going out or write product description.

Working with you month after month allows me to become familiar with your organisation, its work, and the mission and vision, which makes it easier for me to create a consistent style, tone of voice and strategy.


Our rates

For a full list of our rates and services, get in touch.

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