Easy way to Setup Responsive Online Business Website

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How to Setup a Responsive Online Business Website

Do you want to set up a website for your business? Here is a simple approach to do that! In this step-by-step illustration, I will explain how you can set up a responsive business website for your products and services. This illustration is very easy to comprehend and you will understand it even though you are not a tech-savvy if you follow the step carefully.

The steps are;

  1. Find a good domain name
  2. Find web hosting company
  3. Design your website on your domain

Your Business Website Domain Name

Step number one is to find a good domain, your domain may either be your name or your business name or simply make the name you are going short, memorable and easily pronounced. Expert advice is that you should use your business name if it has not been taken in other words if it is available. You can check your domain availability here. This means you need to do some search and find a good domain name if possible let it be related to your business.

Your business website domain name should not be that someone has to bit his/her tongue before they can pronounce it. Make it easy to remember, if possible six to eight-letter words. If you own a company, it can be your company name or name relating to your business niche. It should not be complicated or too twisted. It should not be hard to remember.

You can get a domain name for your business website and host from different domain registrars of your choice such as Namecheap, BlueHost, Godaddy, page, etc. And you can get as low as $1/per month or $8 to $10 per year. Some Hosting companies may even offer free domain names if you get a one year hosting with them.

Depending on the extension of your domain, it may start from $1 to over $89 per year. By extension i mean; .com, .net, .org, .io, .aol, .co, .uk etc. The domain becomes your own once you purchase it and you are entitled to renew it once it expired. Although, it is optional for you to renew it once your business website domain contract expired. Also, you can transfer it (your domain) to another hosting company if you are dissatisfied with a particular hosting company mode of service or you later prefer one hosting company to another. For instance, you are using hosting company A and you later find out hosting company B is better, you can transfer from company ‘A’ to company ‘B’.

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How to find out if your domain name is available?

Domain name available check is something you must always do so as to be sure if your chosen domain name is available. You need to find out using any hosting company website and see if the domain name is available. Although, you don’t need to panic about it as your hosting company will definitely check it for you before hosting it for you. It’s always advisable that you check it yourself so as not to get discouraged when you fully plan to host your website and then find out that your chosen domain name is not available. If the .com of the domain you want is not available, you can always opt for .org, .net .online, .guru, .attorney, .web, .express, .design, etc. So, you the option to try one of the over 200 extensions or TLDs listed above. Some big companies also purchase domain names that end in .net or .org to have it redirected to their .com domain name and if a customer happens to wrongly type in the domain name when looking for your company it will definitely return them back to your website and your competitor may not be able to grab your name in other extensions.

Find web hosting company for your business website

Finding your web hosting company is the second step once you have considered the first step as well as checking your domain availability. Web hosting companies are responsible for parking your domain name so that your site runs smoothly 24 hours. There is much hosting company and even cheap once are now available, something you can get them for free. Some hosting companies usually charge as low as $1 or $2 per month that you can start with. There are also some companies that offer free hosting but the condition is they will be the one to design your website to get free hosting.

In most cases, a web hosting company undergoes maintenance which may result in a new update, this can be monthly or quarterly as the case may be. Hence, you will need to find out if they offer backups service to website owners or if owners are to do backups of their website. Also, be sure that the hosting company you chose to go with has reasonable rates and friendly customer service.

Design your business website on your domain

In this design aspect of your website, hiring a professional web developer/designer is the best choice to make if you can afford the price. Although there is high competition these days among developers and with a minimal amount you can have a fully responsive website, you will need to spend a small amount of time to search for a good web designer to handle your website design.

You can decide to create it yourself even if your site does not look that good, at least you have attempted making one yourself. With the presence of different Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, Wix, Squeeze page, it is pretty easy to make your own design. Some of these website builders are available some web hosting company and they are drag and drop even without the knowledge of HTML & CSS or any coding background.

In our next article, we will discuss the best website builder to go with but make sure that the web hosting company that you decide to let host your website has a website builder program available.

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