Domain Flipping – How To Make Money Flipping Expired Domain

domain flipping

Domain flipping has become a lucrative business generating a profit even from Day One.  It’s a no brainer technique that is being used by hundreds of domain flippers around the world who are pulling in tons of quick cash from simple domain flips.

You don’t need to worry about finding brandable, in-demand domain names because it is very difficult or you may not likely find a one-word domain name available anywhere on the web (for less than a couple of hundred thousand dollars).

Despite the fact that most domain names are not available you can still make a decent, and steady income flipping average domain names found on expired lists, or available for immediate registration with your regular domain service provider. This is a huge secrete!

Buying and selling domain names can be an exceptionally lucrative venture to get into, however, if you are starting off with very little cash flow, it’s always advisable or it is best to purchase lower-cost domains that will generate small profits and gradually work your way up to flips larger domain that will generate high sales/profits.

One of the biggest benefits and great aspects of the flipping domain is that it required minimal work to set up the whole process compare to website flipping.

How To Make Money Flipping Domain

You can start a domain flipping business on your own with a little amount of startup capital. To venture into the domain selling arena, you will first need to do some finding that is finding a memorable, appealing domain name in a specific niche market. Once you get the domain name then buy it that is register is and find buyers who are eager to create their own website and sell to them. If they see value in the domains you are selling they won’t hesitate to buy it from you quickly that is while you need to find a niche market and come up with a domain name relating to that niche.

And note that even domain whose registrations cost as low as a $10 can be sold for up to ten times the initial cost if you are able to present the domain name to potential buyers in such a way that you give them ideas as to how to develop the domain and emphasize on how it can be branded make sure to look out for brand opportunities on the niche.

Another important benefit is that there is a minimal amount of risk in domain flipping that is the risks are very low compare to the investment costs, and once you have listed it on domain flipping site, it will not require any work again. All your main need is like an hour a day to keep the cash flow going.

Many domain flippers are earning $500 – $2,500 per week from flipping low-cost domain names, while some other set of people have gone to secure high-value domain names that are generating them revenue even before they are resold.

Domain flipping is not a difficult business to get into, not at all. if you follow the simple step outline here, buying and selling domain names will be very easy for you.

domain flipping

Before you start, you will need to create accounts at the following domain ‘hot spot’, where you can both buy and sell domain names :

Please visit each of the websites listed above and create your account and then come back in here and follow the preceding.


One of the easiest routes to take when it comes to finding the best domain names is to explore different expired domain listings that consist of domains that were previously registered but were not renewed it expired.

Buyer prefers these kinds of domains because they are far more appealing due to the fact that they are considered ‘aged domain’, despite the fact that they are no longer active since it has expired.  Often times, if you register the domain few months after it expires, you’ll be able to maintain all the existing traffic as well as the page rank that the domain already has, and when it comes to domains, age, page rank, backlinks, and traffic they all add incredible value to what the domain is worth within the marketplaces.


There are different tools and resources you can use when searching for expired domain names and these include:

Though there are many of them any of these two is reliable. You will be able to access and download complete listings of an expired domain through either of these resources, even domains that are about to expire can be accessed here too and you will receive an alert when the domain is dropped into the market and quickly grab it before a smart person get it first!

domain flipping

There is also another website where you can also secure aged domains from drop lists, you’ll be able to actively download the lists of different expired domain names every single day and run them on scripts.

The website is: and is also available at DomainPunch

… and it’s entirely free.

The function of the script is to enable you to sort through the listings of domains by extension, so as to remove the undesirable domains that have numbers or hyphens.

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