DoFollow or NoDoFollow – Do you still follow?

nofollow or dofollow

The vast majority of your backlinks need to be DoFollow (sometimes just called Follow) and not NoDoFollow (sometimes called NoFollow). A NoDoFollow link is one not searched by Google and so won’t count as a backlink, so there is no point to it.

When you go to a forum, blog, or any website, you need to check if the links are DoFollow or NoDoFollow. Don’t waste your time if they are NoDoFollow.

Google’s point of view is that the government (.gov) and educational (.edu) websites have very good and relevant information and so it likes these. Backlinks on high PR sites and .gov/.edu sites can get you to the first page of Google by themselves.

There will probably be lots of websites with a high page rank in your niche and the only way of finding them is to search for them constantly. If you can find those websites that have an interactive community and where you can leave your signature or comment at the bottom of your message, then bookmark them and use them.

If you decide to purchase , you can click on “Promotion” for your keyword and Market Samurai will give you a list of websites to choose from.

DoFollow – NoDoFollow – Do you still follow?

Word of caution: some people believe that these backlink tactics are Grey Hat SEO (not White and not really Black Hat SEO). But I know lots of people who use these methods and nobody I know has ever had a problem.


Keep the number of backlinks you get each day low at first, and then slowly build more and more per day. Google doesn’t like people creating their own backlinks in large numbers because it’s manipulating the search results. Steadily increasing your number of backlinks will look more natural and will avoid being penalized by Google. That is one of the reasons why sites that sell thousands of links an hour are useless and might damage your site.


If you cannot get any backlinks from high PR sites, educational, or government sites you should get as many backlinks as possible on any websites related to your niche.


It is always good to include some .edu, .gov or .org in your outbound links. Even if they do not link back to you, according to some internet marketers, they could have some value for Google.

There are some rather expensive but good websites that offer personal link-building services.

Backlinking takes a very long time therefore if you can afford it, I recommend that you outsource it. Here are some good sites:

The best sites to get backlinks from:

  • A site that has a minimum of one keyword that is the same as your site
  • A site that has a minimum of one search term that is the same as your site
  • A site that has text content on the page, not only links
  • Links from well-known websites
  • Links from sites with a high Page Rank
  • Links from .edu, .gov or .org websites

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Links that you do NOT need:

  • Links from non-relevant pages
  • Links from unethical websites full of spamming content
  • Links from websites with hundreds of unrelated links on the page
  • Links from adult sites

Keep in mind that most of the Automated Link Strategies Packages do not abide by the above rules.

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